Antioxidant Solutions 30ml

RM 228.00
Major Ingredients : * Jellyfish Liquid Extraction * Aloe Vera * Ginkgo * Cucumber Extracts * Shea Tree * Rhodiola * D-Glucan Targeted Formulations for Major Problems : * Acne, Sensitive, Redness * Pressure, Dehydrated skin and late sleep * Sagging skin and mouth, laugh lines, wrinkles * Dullness & rough skin * Large pores caused by strong oil secretion damage Major Benefits * Antioxidant * Radiant & glowing skin * Moisturizes and hydrates the skin by locking water over 12 hours * Improvement on skin metabolism and decrease in yellowish skin * Improvement on skin elasticity and vitality, effectively healing wrinkles and firming the skin * Improvement on sensitive and damaged skin * Skin detoxification * Relieves skin pressure, reduce water retention texture in natural reconstruction - skin aging and stress * UV Radiaation * It is advisable NOT TO apply it with other moisturiser, night cream and serum.