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Quarz established on December 2014. We are an ODM (Original Design Manufacturing) company which are the only one company who create skin care products by using Jellyfish collagen peptides.

Having collagen peptides as its main ingredient, the Jellyfish Antioxidant series uses collagen peptides which was naturally found in the jellyfish body as discovered successfully by scientists. With its molecular weight of 2000-3000Da, structured by 2-4 amino acids, this helps the human body to absorb the solutions easily. These collagen peptides also improves skin’s elasticity and provides higher skin moisture level, leaving the skin feeling soft and supple all day along.

Quarz Antioxidant Solutions will help your skin to discover a high hydration feature which locks in your skin moisture for up to 12 hours.

The Jellyfish Antioxidant series targets skin problems, and enhances the skin’s natural ability to resist external stimuli. This can relieve skin redness, itchiness, pimples, rough skin laxity, yellowish skin tones, oily skin and prevent further skin toxins absorption caused by UV radiation.

Jellyfish Collagen Peptides

Whitening : Active blemish factor extracted from the jellyfish is a naturally efficient antioxidant.It is effective against stubborn stains and potential pigmentation on the skin. It helps to whiten the skin, leaving a flawless, translucent and even tone skin.

Moisture : Jellyfish collagen peptides locks in skin moisture effectively, helping the skin to absorb moisture 40 times higher than the normal skin absorption rate. It can instantly activate skin cell storage and reduces large pores, tightening pores around the skin. The skin will be left looking lithe and tender.

Wrinkle repair : With the jellyfish active regeneration factor, soft tissues defects, fractures and wrinkles can be quickly and efficiently repaired. It does not only increase skin nutrition, but will also enhance skin resistance.

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